*  Hot & Spicy – Select from a scale of 1-10 for most dishes

C66 Chicken with Ginger $15.00
Chicken, sautéed with fresh julienne sliced fresh ginger, onions, and vegetables in a delicious brown sauce.

C67 Cashew Chicken* $15.00
Chicken, stir-fried with mixed vegetables, in an aromatic brown sauce, and topped with cashews, fresh basil, and mixed vegetables in a mildly spicy basil sauce.

C69 Chicken with Mixed Vegetables or Broccoli $15.00

C70 Chicken Prik Khing* $17.00
Chicken and green beans sautéed in a spicy brown curry sauce.

C71 Chicken with Basil* $15.00
A traditional Thai dish of chicken with bamboo shoots, fresh basil, and mixed vegetables, in a mildly spicy basil sauce.

C72 Sweet and Sour Chicken (steamed or battered) 15.00
Chicken, cooked in a thick, red, sweet and sour sauce, with pineapple and assorted vegetables.

C73 Spicy Chicken* $15.00
Chicken, sauteed in a spicy, Thai sauce, with bamboo shoots and assorted vegetables.

C74 Garlic Chicken $15.00
Chicken, sauteed in a flavorful brown sauce, with fresh, crushed garlic, white pepper, and mixed vegetables.