Thai Rice Plates

All Plates are $8.25

1.* Chicken or Tofu with Basil and mixed vegetables.

2. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables or Broccoli.

3. Sweet and Sour Chicken, Pork with mixed vegetables.

4.* Chicken Prig Khing chicken and green beans sautéed in a spicy aromatic brown curry sauce…delicious!

5.* Cashew Chicken with mixed vegetables.

6.* Kiew wan Thai green curry cooked with coconut milk and your choice of chicken, vegetables or tofu.

7.* Gang Dang Thai red curry herb cooked with coconut milk.
and your choice of chicken, vegetables or tofu…delicious!

8.* Spicy Tofu with mixed vegetables in a savory sauce.

9. Chicken with Ginger and mixed vegetables in a delicious brown sauce.

10.* Gang Karee (choice of chicken or tofu) A mild Thai yellow curry cooked with coconut milk, potatoes, zucchini, carrots.

12. Garlic Chicken with mixed vegetables.

13.* Spicy Chicken Thai red curry stir-fried with sliced chicken, bamboo shoots and mixed vegetables…a house favorite!

14. General Tso’s Chicken or Tofu (Thai style).

15.* Eggplant Basil stir-fried with mixed vegetables and basil
in a delicious garlic sauce.